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Clean - Hygenic Toy Wash 4 Oz

Clean - Hygenic Toy Wash 4 Oz

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Care for Your Intimate Products

Extend the life of your intimate products with the CLEAN aftercare line. Specifically designed to clean and maintain your toys and accessories, CLEAN ensures proper hygiene and longevity. Trust the high-quality cleaner to keep your items in optimal condition for continued enjoyment.

Remove toy batteries, if applicable. Generously apply Clean to entire toy surface. Allow to sit for thirty seconds, then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse toy surface with warm water, being careful not to get battery compartment wet, then allow toy to air dry.

Specifically designed for cleaning and maintaining intimate products
Ensures proper hygiene and extends the lifespan of toys and accessories
Paraben free
Toy safe
Alcohol free
Made in USA
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