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Wicked Sensual Care

Stripped and Bare - Unscented Sensual Massage Cream - 4 Oz

Stripped and Bare - Unscented Sensual Massage Cream - 4 Oz

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Wicked Sensual Care massage products are great for Valentine's Day! Massage creams make the perfect gift for sensual massage with a partner, or as a quality lotion to gift a friend.

Finely crafted combinations of the best sweet almond and coconut oils, moisture rich shea and cocoa butters, essential oils, select fragrances, vitamins A and E, and electrolytes make these formulas truly the best in sensual massage and body care.

Get down to the basics with stripped and bare Sensual Massage Cream. This fragrance free formula softens and nourishes every inch of skin with each stroke.

Blended with indulgent oils
Vitamins A and E quench thristy skin
Electrolytes for skin hydration
Perfect for solo or partnered use
Skin hunger is real satisfy your cravings
Made in USA
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