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Revsling - Clear Ice

Revsling - Clear Ice

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REVSLING dick plus ball sling is a squishy rubbery cocksling based on the original CLUTCH sling by hunkyjunk but this thing has dickshaking buzz with a top mounted REVERB vibe unitit hugs your junk at the root, and thats where the buzz feels best. Its made it extra thick and blubbery because hunkyjunk doesnt make skimpy thin gear you cant feel or use hard. Like everything hunkyjunk.... it feels right and lasts, the rubbery-firm silicone mix is super soft stuff with a slick smooth velvet finish thats really tough.

Designed by the boys at hunkyjunk a bunch of Nords that know how to make dick-toys that feeds your what you crave, they are gear obsessed and build gear that really works, loaded with cool features. Thats why hunkyjunk and Oxballs teamed upincredible original designs.

HOW TO: a bit of light lube on your junk, slide shaft through front hole to base, then pull up while standing to drop ballsack through bottom hole. Flick the waterproof, silicone sealed buzz-vibe on and play.

Based on the original CLUTCH cock plus ball
Vibe straps at the root where you feel it inside
CLUTCH cocksling base is thick and meaty, stays on
Silicone seal vibe bullet: waterproof, sealed button
SILICONE matt velvet finish silicone/TPR blend
VIBE: 3 button batteries give 5-7 hours buzzfucking vibing. Battery size: LR44, comes with three.

Height: 2.5 (6.35 cm)
Width: 2 (5.08 cm)
Length: 3.5 (8.89 cm)
Cockring hole circumference: 3.5 (8.89 cm)
Vibrator length: 2.4 (6.10 cm)
Vibrator circumference: 2" (5.08 cm)
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