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Mod Active Style Harness and Built in O Ring - 2 XL - Black

Mod Active Style Harness and Built in O Ring - 2 XL - Black

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Combine the comfort of boxer-briefs with the functionality of a built-in strap-on harness for ultimate versatility! This breathable, cotton and spandex blend underwear is snug fitting with room to move, stretch and play! This Active Style Harness is particular good if you want to be able to pop your strap-on dildo into place without having to change clothes, strip down, or adjust lots of harness straps. Just pop the dildo in and you're ready to go! The underwear has a thick, supportive elastic band that helps carry the weight of some heavier dongs, and a stretchable O-ring in the front that fits and adjusts to fit most dildos. After you're done satisfying you're partner, your boxer-brief pair is easily washed on a 'cool' setting in the washing machine!

Slip on a pair of these Active Style Harness boxer-briefs before heading out for your evening and see how easy it is to pleasure your partner! You can keep your clothes on if you enjoy keeping the look, or pull your pants down to reveal the dildo that you slipping into the O-ring of your underwear! Comfortable and easy to wear, you can enjoy always being ready and never having to fuss or fumble with harness belts and straps again!

Ring stretches to fit most dildo sizes
Fits 35"-40" (88.9 cm - 101.6 cm)
Built in O-Ring
Supportive elastic waistband
Allows for greater movement
Great for extended wear
1.5" (3.81 cm) univesal O-Ring
Material: cotton, spandex, and rubber
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