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XR Brands Master Series

Full Pup Arsenal Set Neoprene Puppy Hood, Chest Harness, Collar With Leash and Arm Band - Black

Full Pup Arsenal Set Neoprene Puppy Hood, Chest Harness, Collar With Leash and Arm Band - Black

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When playing as a puppy, the right gear goes a long way! Get everything you need to get started in one kit and live out your fantasy! Included in the kit is a puppy hood, collar and leash, arm bands and a chest harness. Made out of durable neoprene, this gear is vegan-friendly, easy to clean if you start wrestling and playing in the mud or getting dirty, and comfortable to wear! The puppy hood has poseable ears and a removable muzzle. Point your ears in different ways to show off your mood or personality. Remove you muzzle to use your human mouth when you want to or need to. The armbands and collar are adjustable for a custom fit. The chest harness fits most bodies. Spot clean as needed. Store out of direct sunlight.

Ready to get ruff and play? Put on your Pup Arsenal set and join the party! If you have a handler, they can lead you on the leash. Or you can show up as a rogue pup and wrestle and play with the rest of the pack! With your head completely transformed, a muzzle on your face, you can begin to embody the canine within and take on the pup mentality. Will you chase a ball and play fetch? Will you bark at other dogs until they play? Will you roll over and ask for belly rubs? What kind of pup are you? Only putting the gear on will really let you let loose and allow the human-animal to take over!

Removable leash
Adjustable collar and arm bands
Hood features poseable ears and a removable muzzle
Stretchy and durable neoprene
Chest harness stretches to fit most sizes
Perfect for first time pups
Includes a puppy hood, collar, leash, chest harness and arm bands
Materials: Neoprene, PU leather, Velcro, metal

Hood: 23" (58.42 cm)
Harness: 34" - 37" (86.36 cm - 93.98 cm)
Arm bands: 8.75" - 14.75" (22.22 cm - 37.46 cm)
Collar: 12.5" - 17.5" (31.75 cm - 44.45 cm)
Leash: 31.5" (80.01 cm)
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