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Buzzfuck Taint Vibe-Sling - Clear Ice

Buzzfuck Taint Vibe-Sling - Clear Ice

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BUZZFUCK taintsling reaches deep down under, behind your nuts, to that spot between the pucker and the sack where all the really good feels are kinda a grippy cocksling thats reaching for the rim with a buzzing vibe slung under your taint.

The sling holds the base of your dick plus balls with a shafthole that puts the big vibing squeeze at the base of your dick, with a rubbery ball hole thatll keep nuts down in their sack, this sling design is sleeker than most, slimmer, so it nestles down on the base of any size guy with the right stretchy grip. But the rim-buzzing fun is behind the bag, BUZZFUCK puts a vibe under your tain the feel is bliss. Buzzy REVIBE vibe fits inside a narrow-lipped slit into a inner chamber wrapped in smooth rubber.

HOW TO: a bit of light lube on your junk, slide shaft through front hole to base, then pull up while standing to drop ballsack through bottom hole. Flick the waterproof, silicone sealed buzz-vibe on and play.

Slim stretchy sling front with thick rubbery taint-vibe
Vibe fits behind ballsack almost to pucker
Vibe fits inside rubbery-lipped smooth shaft
Silicone seal vibe bullet: waterproof, sealed button
SILICONE matt velvet finish silicone/TPR blend
VIBE UNIT: 3 button batteries give 5-7 hours buzzfucking vibing. Battery size: LR44, comes with three.

Height: 2.5" (6.35 cm)
Width: 2.3" (5.84 cm)
Length: 5" (12.7 cm)
Cockring hole circumference: 3.5" (8.89 cm)
Vibrator length: 2.4 (6.09 cm)
Vibrator circumference: 2 (5.08 cm)
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