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Bloomgasm Flutter Rose Sucking Rose With Butterfly Teaser - Red

Bloomgasm Flutter Rose Sucking Rose With Butterfly Teaser - Red

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This fluttering butterfly, golden rod, and red rose are both pleasing to the eye as well as your vulva! The plush red petals of the rose are made of plush, premium, phthalate-free silicone and have a small, round hole that gently sucks at the clitoris using air-stim technology. Enjoy 10 different suction modes to tease and tantalize your little pearl. The stem of the rose is a golden rod with a round, beaded tip in the shape of a ball. Delight in an extra 10 vibration modes to enhance your pleasure as they rumble down the shaft of the stem and directly into the rod. The design of the stem allows you to pinpoint your pleasure points with targeted vibration for personalized satisfaction.

With the combination of suction and vibration, enjoy the added benefit of a beautiful, silicone butterfly! The wings flutter with the vibrating rod to add extra sensation for sensitive erogenous spots along the vulva. Add your favorite water-based lubricant for best results and to keep the silicone from degrading. Enjoy this toy in the shower, too! It is IPX6 waterproof rated.

This sexy rose is the perfect everblooming pleasure toy for every babe! Angle the rose so the air-stim hole is directly placed on or around your clitoris and then play with the settings to find the perfect level of intensity! Pull the toy away and then bring it close again, letting the rose suck up your little pearl and capture it in a flowering play of pleasure and sensation! Get the right spot by turning the rose around and placing the pinpoint end of the stem directly on your clitoris for even deeper and more intense pleasure!

Premium silicone
Rechargeable (USB cable included)
10 air-stim modes
10 vibration functions
Powerful suction
Pinpoint vibration
Fluttering wings for extra sensation
Material: silicone and ABS plastic

Overall length: 5.8" (14.73 cm)
Pinpoint vibrator length: 3" (7.62 cm)
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