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Bigger Ox Cockring - Clear Ice

Bigger Ox Cockring - Clear Ice

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BIGGER OX is a lush, squishy-soft "padded" cockring that's perfect for a long- lasting bigger bulge. Designed so it won't roll or pinch and so stretchy with enough grip to stay where you put it.

Its made of the softest, plush, stretchy PLUS+silicone and designed for comfortable wear and a bigger basket. BIGGER OX is the right-size ring with a lot more bulk behind your balls - the ring gets gradually thicker and thicker towards the base.

The lush, soft feel makes this cockring perfect for filliing out your favorite jockstrap or gear. It's squishy and smooth for comfort, but still firm enough to grip your meat and stay put. The super-rubbery feel is awesome resting behind your sack and the thick shape adds some extra oomph where you want it.

BIGGER OX is made of PLUS+silicone a velvety-smooth, strong but lush feeling blend of TPR and silicone.

Bigger size and padded shape for a max bulge
Soft and stretchy material fits and feels rubbery-right
PLUS+silicone for smooth feel, TPR for ultra-stretch
Inner ring design will not pinch or roll

Intended for adult novelty use only. Not a medical device.
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