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Anal Fantasy Elite Auto-Throb Inflatable Vibrating Plug - Black

Anal Fantasy Elite Auto-Throb Inflatable Vibrating Plug - Black

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The Anal Fantasy Elite Collection Auto-Throb Inflatable Vibrating Plug offers one-touch anal expansion pleasure, powerful vibrations, and a silky smooth Elite Silicone texture for the ultimate anal stimulation experience. Feel the plug come alive with the incredible Inflatable Auto-Throb Feature!
The key to anal play is to take it slow! Attempting anal penetration before you are properly aroused can be unpleasant, so allow yourself to relax in order to enjoy the experience. Finger play is a great way to relax the anus. The anus and rectum do not have a natural lubricating system, so use plenty of lubricant to reduce friction and increase pleasure.

Powerful vibrations
USB rechargeable (cable included)

Total length: 5.1" (13 cm)
Total width: 2.8" (7 cm)
Insertable length: 4" (10.2 cm)
Insertable diameter: 1.2" (3 cm)
Max inflatable diameter: 2" (5.1 cm)
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