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3 Pc Set Masturbator Egg - Naughty

3 Pc Set Masturbator Egg - Naughty

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Featuring a skin-like texture, SF Masturbator Eggs pleasure both the shaft of the penis and the tip. Varying inner shapes surprise and delight with nuanced sensations. And thanks to the innovative cyber-skin, theres no need to add lubricant.

Youre always on the safe side with the Satisfyer Fierce Masturbator Egg. This handy masturbator is intended for single use: The design is egg-shaped, discreet and ideal for a quick fix on the go. The eggs are made from innovative, flexible, hydroactive TPE, which can be moistened with a small amount of water or saliva, ensuring smooth pleasure with a smooth feel - no lubricant is needed so theyre perfect for on the road.

Stimulates the entire penis
Perfect travel companion thanks to its compact size
Arousing structure
Intended for single use only
Perfect for travelling
Made of smooth, hydroactive TPE that can be moistened with a small amount of water or saliva water or saliva
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